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              We understand the challenges you face, and that's why we've created a dedicated platform offering a wide range of expertly crafted test series, eBooks, and practice sets. Our dedicated team is committed to making your journey toward your dream government job in Chhattisgarh as smooth and successful as possible. Thousands of aspirants have already realized their dreams with Examyst, and we invite you to be the next success story.

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Success Mantra

This Mantra is based on our Experts thoughts after deep analysis to CGPSC & CGVYAPAM latest exam pattern and exam qualification report.

Formula - "Study 40%, Practice 60% regularly"

Explanation :

                              This mantra signifies the importance of maintaining a well-balanced approach to exam preparation. While dedicating 40% of your time to focused study is essential for acquiring knowledge, the remaining 60% dedicated to regular practice is equally, if not more, critical. You know that regular practice of anything hits to mind  to make it MEMORABLE for long lasting.

                            The idea behind this balance is that studying alone isn't enough. Regular practice through test series, practice sets, and mock exams allows you to apply the knowledge you've gained, identify areas for improvement, and adapt to the format and challenges of the actual exam. It's during these practice sessions that you fine-tune your problem-solving skills, time management, and exam-taking strategies.

                        Consistency is the key here. Regular practice ensures that you stay in the rhythm of exam preparation, making it a habit rather than an occasional effort. This mantra reminds you that real success in competitive exams comes not just from what you know but how effectively you can apply that knowledge under exam conditions.

                        In summary, the "Study 40%, Practice 60% regularly" mantra encourages and helps those aspiring candidates, who strike a balance between acquiring knowledge and honing the skills necessary to excel in their exams. This equilibrium increases the chances of success and helps build confidence in facing the challenges of competitive examinations.

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